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Set aside some time to recharge yourself at BODYFRIEND Lounge.
BODYFRIEND Lounge offers the shared massage chair service for your comfortable break complete with its easy payment system.

It is strictly prohibited to use the massage chair if you fall under one of the following cases.
Children who are 145cm or shorter, pregnant women, seniors, patients with osteoporosis, those who have bone discomfort when moving, and patients with some type of musculoskeletal system disorder. The facility is not responsible in any way for accidents caused by users who do not completely follow our restriction policy.

1. Do not wear any accessories such as a watch, necklace, etc. while using the massage chair to prevent any damage.
2. Immediately stop using the product and consult with a doctor in the case of experiencing abnormal symptoms while using the product.
3. Do not use a damaged product at all. (e.g. torn cover, damages on the leg massage area, etc.)

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