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This is the Namsan Seoul Tower branch of Yukcheopbansang, a table with all your heart. We present our food with the feeling of growing pine trees at the top of Namsan Mountain, where our ancestors' lives and destiny are shared. Our store is a cozy space where both family and lovers can easily and hygienically eat neat and generous meat Korean food in Namsan, where they leave precious memories. Not only meat, but also stew, galbitang, bibimbap, cold.There are a variety of Korean dishes such as hot noodles, alcoholic beverages, and side dishes, so the whole family can come and have a good time together. With the pride of being the highest meat restaurant in Korea, we will serve each guest like a king like Ilwol Obongdo Island decorated in the store, and we will do our best to convey the taste and joy of Korean food to foreigners visiting Namsan Seoul Tower, Korea.

※ "This restaurant is self-service"
Pleace your order first, upon your arrival.
Pick-up your food when your bell rings
Please return your tray when you leave

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