Theme Courses
Three themes of Namsan Seoultower

Namsan Seoultower is filled with lots of spectacular scenery, including the natural scenery of Namsan from the center of Seoul and the night view of the city. Check out the highlights that Namsan Seoultower recommends.

Namsan Seoultower Observatory

Enjoy the panoramic view of Seoul and its beautiful night view at a glance.

LOCATIONObservatory – It is located on Level 1 to Level 4 of Namsan Seoultower and opens from 10:00 A.M. to 10:00 P.M. for free.
LOCATIONObservatory – It is located on T5 of Namsan Seoultower and opens from 10:30 A.M. to 10:30 P.M. (10:00 A.M. to 11:00 P.M. during weekend). Adult: 21,000 won / Children: 16,000 won
Tunnel of Love

Walk along the Tunnel of Love glittering for 365 days and take an unforgettable picture. Visit the Sunset Zone to appreciate beautiful sunset.

LOCATIONTunnel of Love – Namsan Seoultower 4F
Proposal Staircase

Take a photo with your loved one in a brightly lit heart-shaped art work. A camera mount is available!

LOCATIONProposal Staircase – Namsan Seoultower 1F
Bridge of Love

Make a special memory at Bridge of Love where love comes true if you walk together with a loved one.

LOCATIONBridge of Love – Namsan Seoultower 2F
Yoohoo Land & Linlin Land

Full of cute Yoohoo and Linlin characters! Make a happy memory with your child.

LOCATIONYoohoo Land – Namsan Seoultower 4F
LOCATIONLinlin Land – Namsan Seoultower 1F
OLED Media Art

Experience colorful and vivid OLED media art including OLED Tunnel on Level 1, OLED Circle on Level 2 and OLED Wave on Level 4 of the Namsan Seoultower.

LOCATIONOLED Media Art – Namsan Seoultower 1,2,4F
3D World Experience Center

Enjoy a new experience in the realistic 3D experience center.

LOCATION3D World Experience Center – Namsan Seoultower 4F